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Intersection syndrome symptoms


    Dyspnea at rest in a recumbent sitting position 30 to 45 degreeswhich has worsened within the past week 3. Radiological evidence of CHF on a chest X-ray 4.

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    Physical exam as evidence for pulmonary congestion: i. Presence of an S3 heart sound ii.

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    Ability to reliably carry intersection syndrome symptoms self-assessment of symptoms 4. Known active myocarditis, obstructive hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, constrictive pericarditis, uncorrected clinically significant primary valvular disease 2.

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    Clinical diagnosis of acute coronary syndrome meeting any 2 of the following 3 criteria: 1. Prolonged chest pain at rest, or an accelerated pattern of angina 2.

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    Electrocardiogram changes indicative of ischemia or myocardial injury 3. Clinically-suspected acute intersection syndrome symptoms cause of ADHF e.

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    Known vasculitis, active infective endocarditis, or suspected infections including pneumonia, acute hepatitis, systemic inflammatory response syndrome, or sepsis 6. Acute or chronic respiratory disorder e. Patients requiring mechanical circulatory support Pregnancy or lactation Patients who have had past allergic reactions to medical grade adhesives Patients who have had a lung lobectomy Patients who decline to have their backs photographed with the IMED-4 device in position

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